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Awesome work

It was very interesting seeing you take on so many styles and nailing them dead on. You have some serious talent, sir.

VieRickend responds:

Thanks, Edd! Glad you took a liking to my video


Saw there was a new submission by you in the portal, i rushed to see it! Great job man! Good animation, good story, good jokes.. good movie!

Lovely, but..

I really, REALLY enjoyed the animation you all created with the characters and he castle it was all magnificently beautiful. However, i did not enjoy the ending as much as i did the rest of the movie. I understood it perfectly and it worked with the story, it was just a little to cliche for my liking. It could of been something more simple, such as the fire boy character despite having destroyed the building, still mourns the loss of his friend and it suddenly begins to rain. Just something a little more charming like that would of suited the initial characters and concept i believe.
But don't get me wrong, i still love what you have created here. Fantastic character/elements animation.

I wish the sheep would've turned to meat

Have to say this made me laugh a fair few times, particulary most of Jim's animated parts, purely because i had a similar experience playing Minecraft. Only complaint i can think of is you could of thrown in a couple more shots than just the basic midshot angle, it worked fine, but it could of made it a tad more varied. But it looks like you had a lot of fun making it, and i had a lot of fun watching it. Which is what you really want in the end!

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

THE Edd!?

The camera angles are something I regret. It made certain scenes feel incredibly stiff compared to others. I think that's why Duncan's scene, where he meets Betsy, is probably my favourite part of the animation, as it bounces around so much more and really adds some vibrancy to the animation. Something I wish i invested some more time into.

Cheers for the review - seriously cool to hear from an animator who created some of my favourite classics on NG.

Fantastic art

You have some amazing art and unique direction, i was a little disappointed with the first half of the trailer though. I understood it was a motion comic but it started off seeming very tween based which worked for some shots, but was a tad painful to see in others, but then as it built up towards a climactic ending i saw lots more examples of frame by frame animation and some great lighting effects beginning to peer through.
I wish you luck with the project and hope you can find a healthy level of animation for your motion comic!

At first i wasn't too sure..

I mean i remember watching the original and finding it amazing when i was a teenager, and seeing a fourth instalment out made me be slightly worried it wouldn't be as up to scratch as the last few.
But seriously man, i was impressed - it's hard to make a parody of such an old game seem so fresh. The art style and direction has greatly improved in the years since too, in fact i was even more if not equally as impressed by this instalment as i was by the first all those years ago. My only complaints were i didn't care too much for the cutaways to inane pop culture events, such as he house segment, it was funny and all but it really pulled you out of the Zelda universe. And the other thing is i felt the ending was a little rushed, i sensed it would be after the amazing fight scene but it was far more of a slideshow than the rest of the movie was. But it was funny, so i just overlooked it.
So reiterate, i just want to say it wasn't perfect, but it's great to see you can still wow your audience after all these years. Hats off to you sir.

Nice to see it finished!

Does exactlly what you expect, and had soem rad expressions in there too. I was a little disappointed with Sam's easter egg.. his earlier cut for his animatic was funnier :C

Great work as always

You're getting better and better every time, although i can't say the plot of this one was particularly outstanding. It was a little to reminiscent of Futurama and 'Snoo-snoo' only a lot more uh, man rapey? But hey, you get away with it with your super slick character design, shading and fluid animation, But i can't honestly syay this is your best story you have told :)

Loved it all

Honestly kept my interested the entire time. Sure some writing was missing here and there (why were they suddenly working for the mafia?) but overall the style and animation more than made up for it. The voices for each character were also spot on - So great job guys, really fantastic!

TommyVF responds:

Thanks so much! Yes, I totally understand that things could go about a little fast. We tried to make it short (for some secret reason), so that may have resulted in squeezing stuff together a little. They were working for the mafia because they were so depressed, hopeless and down in the underground criminal environment (lol). Thank you!


Amazing. Seriously.

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