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The game was actually kind of challenging in places, but the highlight for this game is the humour. Couldn't stop laughing at every line, great job guys :)

Yay more Shif- no wait, what's that?

It's fun, but everything that made shift awesome seems to be taken out of this one sadly. The new design, as nice as it may be, doesn't suit it as well as the past version, which was just simple colours and resembled traffic signs and what not, and the wait between loading levels is beyond unecessary, you find your self sitting there for 2 or 3 seconds as it shows an animation of this bigheaded character crouching(?) and going though the door, which wasnt needed at all, i mean we can see him going through the door just by looking at it on the level, why do you need to make it a movie sequence every time? Also the new addition of having to hold down R to restart seemed like a smart idea at first, but it soon becomes very irritating when you want to try again faster.

But still, don't get me wrong i was happy to see a new shift game and new levels, but these new changes didn't make me as happy.


That was far too much fun for what it was. Really liked it :D

Manly-Chicken responds:

Great! Now go out with your newly acquired knowledge and GO! MAEK THOES FLASH GAEMZ! And maybe one day you will maek one as awesome as the one you just played. (Kidding, but thanks for the review, big fan btw)

Amusing & Addictive, a deadly combo

This game was looking good until i saw a shark pull down a plane with it's teeth. I think i may never recover from such a sight of sheer awesome.

The simplest ideas are always the best

Great work all around, especially the artwork. The only improvement i could possibly imagine would be to have more animation, maybe with the turtle writhing in pain as he hurtles through the sky :P

Loved it

I really loved this game, the graphics were unique and so were the weapons and enemies. The only flaw with the game is i found it to get easier as it went along, rather than harder, because the weapons attack range gets wider meaning you can just stay in one position killing them all as they come on by pushing shoot over and over. However the bosses were just sheer gold :D

Wow that was a fun 20 mins :D

Great idea and good actionscript, i had a lot of fun!
Only improvement i can suggest for next time is better graphics :D

Not often i play a decent Pac-man flash version

Awesome game, i got third.. Soon to be smashed off there though xD

Great work!

Simple and Crazy, just the way web games should be :D
I especially like how much you have improved it from your last version!

Good god i suck at this game xD

Nice to look at and i just got past that first boss before i died (yeah i really am that terrible).
From what ii played the only thing that really annoyed me was the fact Pico took so long to get up once he died, i was beating the buttons sensely trying to get him to stand up but there didnt appear to be any quicker way to stand.. unless theres some control i didn't see?
Anyway, great job!

A webtoon created by Edd Gould (1988-2012) and kept alive by his friends and fans

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