Entry #18


2011-01-10 07:19:19 by eddsworld

Zanta Claws III came first in the December monthlies? Wooaah.. Mega thanks to everyone who voted for it, it's always an honour! Also thank to everyone for the general positive feedback on Zanta III, it means a lot! I've also found i have two flashes that made it into the 2010 portal history! I've never even had one in there before so i'm pretty honoured!
In other news i'm working on a triple bill of stuff, a university project, Hammer & Fail 2 and a shocking secret project :O


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2012-03-28 22:35:35

I came to pay my respects. *lies down some flowers* Goodbye, Ed.


2012-03-28 22:53:58

RIP Edd, you have been a hero to many and shall always be a inspiration. I know your up in heaven drinking more Coke then you could ever dream of! So keep drinking coke, and making all those up there with you laugh!



2012-03-28 23:11:37

You were the best, rest in peace Edd
We will miss you, you were a pro ;(


2012-03-29 00:03:54

Goodbye Edd.


2012-03-29 00:24:52

Newgrounds just won't be the same without ya. We'll all miss you, man.


2012-03-29 00:30:27

Farewell Edd.


2012-03-29 01:32:10

Rip Edd, you will never be forgotten.


2012-03-29 02:25:51

Goodbye, Edd. No one will ever be able to produce the amount of genius you had in your work. I hope you are at rest.


2012-03-29 08:29:13

Can't believe you're gone. Rest in peace dude.


2012-03-29 10:44:59




2012-03-29 11:53:02

I cried when heard he was dead. R.I.P Edd Gould


2012-03-29 12:28:21

Thanks Edd. Your animating angels in heaven bud.


2012-03-29 13:34:14

edd you where always a role model to me. when i was sad you picked me up. but now your gone and i'm so so so sorry i couldn't help. rest in peace dude.


2012-03-29 13:43:40

goodbye edd, we will always love you


2012-03-29 13:43:42

goodbye edd, we will always love you


2012-03-29 14:02:55

Ah Edd, i will never forget you ! Even if i want to. You are too amazing to forget .


2012-03-29 17:12:46

rest in peace man! watched Zanta 1 and 2 before great animations and we'll always remember the work you did here! :)


2012-03-29 18:16:05

Rest In Peace, you will be missed


2012-03-29 19:02:35

R.I.P Edd it was fun.


2012-03-29 19:44:54

Well fuck now we'll never know what that secret project was.


2012-03-29 19:48:45

R.I.P Bro just came to pay my respects you'll be missed.


2012-03-29 21:03:47

Well, I guess now, Newgrounds will never be the same. .....


2012-03-29 21:06:20

Good night,Edd. Hope you have a good time in Heaven


2012-03-29 21:19:54

I am deeply sad to know that you have died. The thing that makes it all worse is that you were only 23. You could've had a long happy life ahead of you. Another thing is that cancer is killing millions of people around the world, and you are only one of it's many victims. R.I.P Edd, thanks for all of your work. We'll miss you.


2012-03-30 00:45:56

...Come on, plz be joking. plz don't be dead...


2012-03-30 03:48:55

Thank you for years of good fun.... you where a true men amongst men.... you are missed and loved. Rest in Peace.


2012-03-30 09:07:13

I came here to pay my respect to you, Edd. You'll be greatly missed. I wish you could've lived a long, beautiful life. You were far too young to die.

Requiescat in pace.


2012-03-30 10:25:48

I wanted to write a comment saying how much will I miss you and that is a shame that you are not with us anymore, but I'm not good at that... I just hope that you are in a better place.


2012-03-30 12:12:33

Whenever you are now...I will miss you...


2012-03-30 13:43:39

Edward, what can I say. My words, that of a single person you shall never know, may never mean anything to you, but it must be said that you were always something that brightened my life, and indeed meant a lot to me. You were somebody that I could always look up to as an animator and as model friendly human being, and as a fantastic pun-maker which I always strived to be. You were too awesome for this world Edd, and it is surely a less colourful place without you. I hope you're somewhere where you are treated like the Zeus you are. I hope you have wi-fi up there to see the millions you made happy and will sorely miss you. Your legacy will never be forgotten and will always have a place in our minds and hearts. Goodbye.


2012-03-30 17:32:08

Thanks for everything you did for the animation community. You will be missed by a lot of people and we will always keep you in our hearts, while your work continues to live on here on NG and inspire other animators. Cheers Edd.



2012-03-30 18:38:08

Rest In peace man, you will be missed,


2012-03-30 18:39:12

We'll all miss you. But I suppose we shod be happy for you. Good luck in heaven you funny SOB. As for us. We lift are Coke cans in honer and say "Yo! Don't drink it all before we get there." You truly are the funnies guy in the UK. See ya later you funny bastard.


2012-03-30 22:29:27

If Coke gets banned in the future, I'll follow your role model in WTFuture. :>


2012-03-31 02:04:15

We miss you..


2012-03-31 04:28:53

Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed dearly.


2012-03-31 09:37:27


I will dearly miss your work, it was such a pleasure to have you sharing your creations with the community as it made my days at least a lot more enjoyable- and i'm sure it did for a lot of other people. Thank you, Edd.


2012-03-31 11:32:05

Rest in peace, edd, your vids were hilarious, you were a great artist, and you were obviously a great human being.... the worlds a lesser place without you, hope god enjoys your vids in heaven, much <3, man.. :'(


2012-03-31 12:22:01

R.I.P Edd, your vids were the best, you were a great animator and its gonna be harder for me to watch other flash vids because your's was the best. We all miss you x :/


2012-03-31 13:26:42

No way why cancer why? no more eddworld, that's what you wanted?


2012-03-31 13:51:33

Rest in peace Edd. You may be gone, but you're world will keep on spinning.


2012-03-31 17:05:26

every1 go to the bye edd video theres some pricks on there who were saying shit about him could somebody tell me how this happened? i hadnt heard until i saw the goodbye vid


2012-03-31 17:10:41

read that post by tom hadnt even payed attention til i heard around the portal makes me feel like a jackass


2012-03-31 18:31:39

RIP. edd you will be missed...


2012-03-31 21:03:55

Rest in Peace Edd, you were truly one of the best internet animators I have ever seen, you were hilarious and kind. It is such a shame that you had to go, but you and your work will never be forgotten, you brilliant person.


2012-03-31 21:54:44

R.I.P Edd D:


2012-04-01 00:54:33

Your flash videos always made us all happy.


2012-04-01 01:25:40

R.I.P, asshole :(


2012-04-01 01:40:28

I blew up in a bottle of nerf piss


2012-04-01 01:41:16

How does "I blew up when you died" turn into "I blew up in a bottle of nerf piss"?