My 2nd year final animation

2010-05-28 17:16:34 by eddsworld

So yeah, me and my co-creator Ross have finally finished our animation for the end of our second year of university. It's pretty different to what i usually do, so it was fun to try something new to me. We pretty much split the workload down the middle between us. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy it!

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2010-05-28 17:21:10

Hey, great job man!
Always cool try try somethin new.

Best of luck for the future!


2010-05-28 17:24:12

This is a great animation. The amount of symbolism and drama really surprises me. It's nice to see that you are doing something other than your usual stuff.


2010-05-28 17:30:01

I liked it. Great work!


2010-05-28 17:32:22

Really symbolic. I like it.


2010-05-28 17:32:54

That one's pretty sweet man, good job :D


2010-05-28 17:42:08

the noses of the characters made me think of the medli character from legend of zelda: wind waker but to be honestly honest(my meaning you dont have to listen to me): i liked the old animation better but hey it was good and awsome :P


2010-05-28 17:56:18

Good job. I like it.


2010-05-28 18:14:40

Whoops! I already forgot!


2010-05-28 18:32:28

I like how when you add noses, you completely exaggerate them. Swell film.


2010-05-28 18:33:57

that was funny.good job.


2010-05-28 18:54:41

The only thing that ruined it for me was the end where he opened it mouth. Kinda clashed with the awesome style you had going.

eddsworld responds:

Yeah it was a tad odd, but it was needed for the right ending.


2010-05-28 18:59:10

Any plans to stick this on NG btw?

eddsworld responds:

Not sure, don't think so..


2010-05-28 19:03:36

I have to admit, i was already sold when i saw the word animation in the title of your post. But i did not see that comming.

How'd you animate the characters? Did you scan pieces of paper and animate them? Cuz it kinda looks like....well... half stop-motion. Pretty weird, in a good way.

And by the way. Were these your memories?

eddsworld responds:

Haha no they weren't xD


2010-05-28 20:12:09

UCA Maidstone? Maidstone, Kent?

I went to the rochester campus, UCA is a very good university to be in thats for sure!

Great animation mate, best of luck with the final markings of the year


2010-05-28 20:31:49

Stellar work as always


2010-05-28 21:01:29

lol looks like you! I LOVE IT!!! :o


2010-05-28 21:04:11



2010-05-28 21:21:55

was really nice. its quite funny cos i was doing something to do with doors and stuff like that in my final A level graphic design couse :3 and im going to the uca in rochester to do my foundation course next year :)


2010-05-28 22:14:56

kinda gay..
but you are great for trying something new.
i hope the best comes to you and your'e animations.


2010-05-28 22:38:44

Well played, Mr Gould.


2010-05-28 23:36:08

At the end, it looks as if u were goin to eat the girl. That was kissing right?


2010-05-28 23:57:01

MartyindaParty, yeah thought the same thing too, was a good little short.


2010-05-29 00:09:32

He ate her right? Im gonna go with he ate her...


2010-05-29 00:53:27

"My co-creator and I"


2010-05-29 01:38:24

Very new Edd man:-) What about your other pals Tom and Matt? (How is Tord doing by the way? You still keep in contact with him?)


2010-05-29 03:47:38

lmao superbuds

this looked a hell of a lot different from your usual stuff, i liked it

eddsworld responds:

Thanks man :)


2010-05-29 07:02:33

Wow, original idea and animating style as well as a wonderful story to tell love your work!


2010-05-29 08:46:25

I had a dream exactly like this once.


2010-05-29 09:10:34

I love this art style its so new and the noses are a bit creepy but there also kinda cool the door idea was awesome and best luck for the future!


2010-05-29 12:40:39

is that dude behid u harry potter


2010-05-29 12:47:38

look at those noses!
ready to sniff u right up O.o....(shudder)


2010-05-29 13:58:11

Woah, you go to Uni at Maidstone! I can't believe I live so close to Eddsworld.


2010-05-29 15:24:20

I dont know what to say, so I'll say it in the language used in the vid.

brrf. Brrrrrrrrf.Bfrfrfrfrfrf. Brffrf? Bffrfrfrfrrfrff!

eddsworld responds:

Haha, very clever.


2010-06-03 16:15:06

what happened?? i just turned black.. i wanna know!! aaand.. was the character with glasses a girl??


2010-06-03 18:07:20

That was... That was a really, really good film. These kind of videos always make me think. Thanks for sharing this piece of art with us, great work as usual :D


2010-06-04 20:42:58

Reminds me of the rubbish film "The hottie and the nottie" with Paris Hilton, except this is good. Love all your work and this is no exception.


2010-06-06 10:12:20

awesome! this was pretty good , a little ...idk , weird because of the cut-off when he was going to say something , but yeah , as the other people , i liked the animation because of it's drama and all ,but this doesn't means ur going to stop doing animations like WTFuture , right?


2010-06-07 10:24:36

That was actually really inspiring and helped me a little bit. (My cheese-o-meter is off the charts tonight)

Great video man. :D


2010-06-07 18:22:59

lmao superbuds

this looked a hell of a lot different from your usual stuff, i liked it


2010-06-10 04:55:18

I dont understand the movie


2010-06-10 08:34:28

I think different styles should be music video's, while your main style should be... the one you mainly use. The one we are most attached to.


2010-06-11 00:39:12

u just blew my mind


2010-06-13 10:10:26

Really simply marvelous...


2010-06-14 00:42:40

i donĀ“t get the final !


2010-06-15 07:51:58

WTF is going on?


2010-06-15 10:22:17



2010-06-15 10:26:06

they gonna kiss right?


2010-06-15 20:08:28

i liked how didn't make the charaters speak


2010-06-17 09:45:57

that was...something new :D


2010-06-17 13:32:34

It was very different from your usual things, Edd. You and your co-creator Ross seem to be great partners at this kind of thing. Although I do have to say that I do prefer your regulary drawn characters instead of what looks to be cut out pieces of paper scanned onto a computer. The animation was good. The timing was perfect. The artwork could use a little work if you ask me though. The doors in your character's memories seem to have too big of doorknobs. It just looks odd to me. Well, great job. I want to see more things come out of you two's hard work.