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My 2nd year final animation

Posted by eddsworld - May 28th, 2010

So yeah, me and my co-creator Ross have finally finished our animation for the end of our second year of university. It's pretty different to what i usually do, so it was fun to try something new to me. We pretty much split the workload down the middle between us. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy it!

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Comments (77)

Hey, great job man!
Always cool try try somethin new.

Best of luck for the future!

This is a great animation. The amount of symbolism and drama really surprises me. It's nice to see that you are doing something other than your usual stuff.

I liked it. Great work!

Really symbolic. I like it.

That one's pretty sweet man, good job :D

the noses of the characters made me think of the medli character from legend of zelda: wind waker but to be honestly honest(my meaning you dont have to listen to me): i liked the old animation better but hey it was good and awsome :P

Good job. I like it.

Whoops! I already forgot!

I like how when you add noses, you completely exaggerate them. Swell film.

that was funny.good job.

The only thing that ruined it for me was the end where he opened it mouth. Kinda clashed with the awesome style you had going.

Yeah it was a tad odd, but it was needed for the right ending.

Any plans to stick this on NG btw?

Not sure, don't think so..

I have to admit, i was already sold when i saw the word animation in the title of your post. But i did not see that comming.

How'd you animate the characters? Did you scan pieces of paper and animate them? Cuz it kinda looks like....well... half stop-motion. Pretty weird, in a good way.

And by the way. Were these your memories?

Haha no they weren't xD

UCA Maidstone? Maidstone, Kent?

I went to the rochester campus, UCA is a very good university to be in thats for sure!

Great animation mate, best of luck with the final markings of the year

Stellar work as always

lol looks like you! I LOVE IT!!! :o


was really nice. its quite funny cos i was doing something to do with doors and stuff like that in my final A level graphic design couse :3 and im going to the uca in rochester to do my foundation course next year :)

kinda gay..
but you are great for trying something new.
i hope the best comes to you and your'e animations.

Well played, Mr Gould.

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