2010-05-11 12:39:21 by eddsworld

So yeah, for a long time me and Tom have had another series planned called'SuperAverage' and we're basically looking forBritish voices. Unfortunately we're strictly looking for voice actorswho are 16 or over and live in the UK. So if you think you have a good voice and some sense of an acting ability, then send an audio file showcasing your ability to tom at:



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2010-05-11 12:45:02

This is my angry voice. eel.mp3

eddsworld responds:

Damn that Simon, he's so hot right now.


2010-05-11 12:49:38

Im british, i live in the UK, my voice is average, hmmmm. i shall try.... but..... i have a voice of a 14 year old.... is that ok?

(Updated ) eddsworld responds:

Sorry, we're looking for slightly older people.


2010-05-11 12:49:48

I LIVE IN THE UK EDD...will an irish accent do?

eddsworld responds:

To be sure, to be sure. (Yes)


2010-05-11 12:52:27

Cooking something up now :)

eddsworld responds:

Can't wait.


2010-05-11 12:58:46

My microphone is not too bad but not too great either. Should I reduce the noise or do you want the original file?
I'm not too bothered if you don't use me because of my crappy microphone.

eddsworld responds:

Reducing the noise would probably be a good idea.


2010-05-11 13:03:13

"Need BRITISH voice actors"


eddsworld responds:

Could still send something, who knows - maybe we'll need other voices at some point.


2010-05-11 13:09:43

I'm from Scotland and so I might give this a go~
What sort of thing should we say?

eddsworld responds:

Anything you think would sound intresting?


2010-05-11 13:15:38

I'm British but i sound like an American! My voice is the one of a 14 year old! I'm not actually offering my voice! This request is meaningless to me!

eddsworld responds:



2010-05-11 13:21:55

uh, jus checking in, i'm 18 years old if you have a need for an older british guy voice actor?

eddsworld responds:

Actually we prefer older voice actors, haha.


2010-05-11 13:28:39

i am not british and i do not live in uk but you should rehire tord>:)

eddsworld responds:

Just... wow.


2010-05-11 13:38:04

Is that Shaggy from Scooby-doo?

eddsworld responds:

Nah, Shaggy was busy.


2010-05-11 13:45:22

I'm British AND have a voice!
This role is PERFECT for me!

eddsworld responds:

Sounds like it!


2010-05-11 13:49:08

Does it count if I impersonate an accent?

eddsworld responds:

Depends how well i guess?


2010-05-11 13:52:56

None exist I'm afraid

eddsworld responds:



2010-05-11 13:58:42

im latin do i fit?

eddsworld responds:

You can still try maybe?


2010-05-11 14:08:35

ill give it a go, my voice is pretty deep though i guess

eddsworld responds:

Chocolate Raaaain.


2010-05-11 14:21:05

These responses are freakin' hillarious, i tell you what.

eddsworld responds:

Uh wow, ok.


2010-05-11 14:32:05

i got the news..from dogpup4 AHHHH XD ill be workin on my voice actin straight away!

eddsworld responds:

Awesome, looking forward to it.


2010-05-11 14:38:01

well, then if u need latin voice i would help

eddsworld responds:

If you're over 16, sure!


2010-05-11 14:41:34

GOD DAMN im british with a british accent but im 14


eddsworld responds:

Sorry Vader.


2010-05-11 14:42:19

Ey' Hed ! I couldnt realy do a recording atm but I have a few videos on youtube where use my voice. nv9GI BSnGU

eddsworld responds:

You sound a tad too young i think.


2010-05-11 14:42:23

I'd love to submit something, but I'm honestly afraid that you've heard it all before ):
It's a shame because I'm actually pretty pumped for this.
No matter, I'll try and get something out tonight to send to you guys, as terrible as it'll be.

eddsworld responds:

Nonsense, you can always do awesome stuff.


2010-05-11 14:47:11

Hey Edd i have 3 audio files, one of a gangster like southern british voice, one high and one normal pitched posh british accent i'll send them to you ASAP.

Thanks for your time reading this. :)

eddsworld responds:

Haha, sounds cool.


2010-05-11 15:06:44

Who's British anymore?

eddsworld responds:

All the cool kids.


2010-05-11 15:11:19

I would love to do this well try at least anyway whats it about then i might want to have a go.

eddsworld responds:

No harm in trying.


2010-05-11 15:11:42

"pip pip cheerio" ... does that count as British?

eddsworld responds:

To an extent, yeah. xD


2010-05-11 15:20:32

no dude thats a streotipical british voice most of use dont sound like fagging poshy fucking biggets.

eddsworld responds:

No but there are some.


2010-05-11 15:38:34

hey guys love the new comics and toons
i am 16
from essex
i have been told i have a deep voice, in a mic people say i sound about 20 and above
would love to meet u
keep up the good work!

eddsworld responds:

Feel free to send us a demo!


2010-05-11 15:39:13

I can't help it - I was raised to hate people paler then me.

eddsworld responds:

How dare you. Ghosts have feelings too.


2010-05-11 15:40:02

You can hear my Oscar-winning turn about 17 seconds in. 9dZX8

eddsworld responds:

Haha pretty good, could still be used :)


2010-05-11 15:49:55

Sent in! You can hear my, clearly sexual/god awful voiceyness over here: 2839a17/

eddsworld responds:

Oh my, be sure to email it to Tom.


2010-05-11 16:21:07

well, i can talk norwegian :D :D :D

eddsworld responds:

I see what you did there.


2010-05-11 16:24:39

MUST IT BE british?
cus my accent is: english french german & british

eddsworld responds:

Sorry :C


2010-05-11 16:26:55

i just shit my pants.

Epic right?

eddsworld responds:

Depends if your into that kind of thing.


2010-05-11 16:33:04

Will try and get something recorded and sent off to you tomorrow! 18, a UK dweller and an English accent sound good to me.

eddsworld responds:

Awesome, can't wait!


2010-05-11 16:35:19

Sup dawg.

I'm often thought to be 16, except much to people's disappointment I am actually 13.

My voice can pass for 16+ and I believe I am pretty good at acting, I can do many impressions and voices.

Here's a video of me on youtube (and the second link is a complimentary animation I made on Flash as a response to your "Staring Contest")

P.S My video response was one of the very few 'good' ones. MyPqU RuCWo

Please tell me your verdict.

eddsworld responds:

Go ahead and email it to Tom!


2010-05-11 16:39:56

I'm assuming they have to be British because they have to live close by?

And if so, then crap.

eddsworld responds:

Hah, possibly. You can still try-out.


2010-05-11 16:46:13

Audition sent, did you guys get it?

eddsworld responds:

Not yet it seems...


2010-05-11 16:47:47

I Might Actually Try This, I'm 17 So I Have A Shot!

eddsworld responds:

Go ahead!


2010-05-11 17:11:13

I'm under 16 :(

eddsworld responds:

Sorry pal but i think no :(


2010-05-11 17:16:53

Any date when this ends?

eddsworld responds:

A day or two i think, just enough that we think we have a cast.


2010-05-11 17:20:39

I'm a 16 year old drama/music student with an uncanny knack to imitate (ok I just don't have a social life and so can practice) I'll email an MP3 audition. I live just outside of Bristol in a lil ol' village called hawkesbury :)

eddsworld responds:

Can't wait to hear it! :D


2010-05-11 17:23:10

sounds interesting.....i can impersonate a decent British accent (or at least i think so) I guess i'll give it a go

eddsworld responds:

Awesome, might want to try to avoid the stereotypical stuff though.


2010-05-11 17:25:16

just sent mine in, first time ever doing it :) so i hope i did good :D have fun making the choises, you must have loads to look through

eddsworld responds:

i look forward to hearing it!


2010-05-11 17:29:07

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Why does the language get me.And the place.

eddsworld responds:

Not everyone has to try out xD


2010-05-11 17:31:42

Since when does Mickey the Dick have superpowers

eddsworld responds:

Hahaha, since he got so angry he turned into the hulk?


2010-05-11 17:34:07

Aaaa I'm fourteen, but my voice isn't exactly fitting for my age, and I'm british. Should I still try of just wait until next time?

eddsworld responds:

I'm sure other oppourtunities will arise in the future :)


2010-05-11 17:44:05

Huh, sounds interesting, and I'm loving the Title alone, for some reason. I'll send in something soon, I can't pass an oppurtunity like this up.

eddsworld responds:

Awesome, i look forward to it!


2010-05-11 17:47:58

Iv put a small minute and a half thing together and sent it to Tom,
Im 17 and from Kent, so unless being Ginger discounts me, does that mean I'm eligible to enter?


2010-05-11 17:52:54

lol my voice are horrible