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Late update

Posted by eddsworld - January 29th, 2010

So i guess it's time for an overdue update to my NG blog..

Firstly i'd like to say a massive thank you for anyone who helped make my xmas flash come eighth in the winter flash-off and sixth in the december monthlies, it really means a lot as it was different from my usual stuff and one of my first attempts at something like that.

Secondly, i'd just like to let you know i've been working on another eddsworld flash for the past few months called WTFuture, one of my favourites to work on so far and it should be out sometime in Febuary... hopefully..

Late update

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Are you Ed Gein?


IT BETTER BE!!!!! nah, jk. Well, glad to see that you're still working. You're one of the best animators that ever contributed to this site. And I was looking through your art on deviantart. I compared your earlier art to this one, and well, you've improved quite a lot.


Cool. Im guessin' the guess want to buy something again. Haha. I lvoe your flashes man. keep 'em up dude.

they are looking on a sandwitch stupid

Wow really, just wanted to say this question about tors, is he all right?! and he's my fav character in eddsworld, good luck and can I collab in your other flashes? P.S eddsworld rocks!

Without having to go to anything personal,i(and plenty of people)would like to know where tord went.what happened to him?

cant wait to see it
lets us allways now updates :D

Hey Edd can't wait for WTFuture by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

Now that I have no exams, I shall do that music!


Did Tord travel back home to Norway, or was it just the fame that exploded his head off?

hmm, i see you are getting better. great job keep up the good work Edd

WTFuture uh ? looks fun

A new edssworld cartoon I can't wait

Edd you inspired me to do flash animations and also one of my reviews said if I try hard I could be the next Eddsworld! So look out!Just kidding, I could never replace you but I can at least enjoy making the animations. Keep on being awesome Edd and just to let you know, I will always have you as a favorite author. Thanks for reading this! (If you do) Bye!!!

I cant wait! so its about the future, eh?

... can't wait... :L
but now that it is feburary. i still can't wait
(that was not enthusiasm)

YAY :B !

Cool, can't wait for it's arrival!

i love all your comics and videos on your site sad that tord left but i guess you said he had his reasons all 4 of your were funny together

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