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Chork Phops

Posted by eddsworld - September 20th, 2008

I haven't posted here in a while, so i thought I'd let people on Newgrounds know what i was up to..
I've been rather busy settling into my university, which by an odd coincidence is the same one HappyHarry87 goes to (even though he's on a different campus) - My actual course (Animation Arts) so far has been pretty fun, even though we haven't actually started any proper animations yet, just short little group projects and storyboards.
What kind of worries me is that a few of my classmates had already seen my animations before, which was a bit surreal for me - ha ha. One of which is a NG user who goes by the name rz-stick so be sure to go look at his stuff!

In animation news, i have been working hard on my next flash, but its taking longer than usual sheerly down to the fact i have been busy with moving and life and boring stuff like that, but i have a good feeling it might be done by the end of the month.. maybe the start of the next.
So yeah, just letting people know i'm still alive.

Chork Phops



Heh, I reckon that would be a cool, but weird experience to meet some of your fans in real life who you don't already know personally

A university of animators?

Sounds like a dream.

Good to know you're still alive, I hope you do wel in university man, should be cool :D I'm off to music college really cus I can't just be sitting down all day animating, I'm a more stand-up DOING man, lol. anyway, it's what you like to do, so good luck with it, and can't wait for your next movie to come out... wait a second if you can't wait that sounds like "oh er, I've got other plans, I cant wait, sorry!" nah kidding, this should look good :)

Thanks and good luck with your music course!

what's the new animation about? i'd like to know more about it.....

i keep my blog updated with more news on the current flash C:

My hired guns have failed me once again. You still live.

You call those guns? i thought they were kittens.

Get ready to do that thing called old traditional animation.

Been doing that for a while, but i recently did it using a lightbox which was cool.

A university of animators?

Sounds like a dream.



Hey I'm going to university too. That doesn't really matter here though. I love your style, hopefully NGers will get to enjoy it for many more years.

Make sure to show us your University-Films some day. :)

Shouldn't it be 'Chork Pops'? I mean, sicne you left the 'H' in Chork.

Damn, you've got me there.

yeah i was just looking around on NG and saw your post on the front page

anyway are you gonna make a halloween episode?

Maybe, but it's not looking likely..

another question i always wanted to ask you is why don't you sell your T-shirts over NG?

Because NG has good shirts and mine would ruin that xD

Yes... I can't wait for it... :D

good luck on school, mate. nice flash!

oh s***. edd got spotted by......something? anyways, good luck on your next animation! can't wait to laugh my ass off!

Yay! Always good to hear that you're still pumping out the funny :D. I'd raise my kids on your flash movies!

Did you just call my animations 'farts'? Because thats a pretty good comparison

hey ur not dead ^_^

wat killed u

Godzilla and a pancake

That's really awesome to meet a fan unintentionally. . hopefully he is not one to act like a BEST FRIEND SINS YOU ARE FAMUZZZ Kinda guy though. That would be gay, I would tell them to go away. ;D

yeah, luckily they were not crazy.. oh and thanks for the cameo in that collab :P

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