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A webtoon created by Edd Gould (1988-2012) and kept alive by his friends and fans

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Congrats!!! :D

If i wasn't messing about on youtube making videos I would have voted you in my top 5. :)

I voted for you. I also voted for Khale and Chuck's New Tux if I remember correctly.

Such a pity you were beaten by "Irod Bad!" and "Braw Taunts". You deserved it an almost infinite amount more.

I dunno, i kind of liked 'Irod Bad!', i have been quoting it all month..
'Brawl Taunts' beating me however, was like a swift kick in the crotch.

irod bad was wack!

It was a tough month. Be proud that you were beaten by only two parody flashes.

My vote was well spent, I see.

Cool you're seventh ! That's preety amazing Edd !

Aw damn I missed out on voting again. Its annoying that two parodies made in 2-3 days beat something with actual effort put into it.

Still congrats :)

Thanks Lenko :D

most of the writing was PRETTY FUNNY.

You were unfortunate to submit in the same month as Chuck's New Tux and Deep Sey Space and Khale =/

This month 7th place. The next month, THE WORLD.

Well done! Better luck with your next project, not that being in the top ten is bad :3

Oh man, Spares was brilliant. Serious combination of great animation, fun art, classy humor, thumbs-up-worthy music, and overall awesomeness. Seriously wish it got into the top 5. It is, in my opinion, one of the best original pieces on the whole site!

Congrat Edd

You deserved to be in the top 5. I really don't think Irod Bad and Brawl Taunts should have been up on the list yea they were ok, but really they don't deserve it.

Brawl Taunts wasn't fucking funny at all what the hell?

that so shitty u lost to brawl taunts man .. next time man

Only 7th? ;(
It deserved a higher place. ¬_¬

Aw, thats a shame. Spares had to be your best flash yet. And it was your funniest as well. It deserves top 3 at least. Even though I'm a rockhard fan of your work ( I'm even starting to draw like you, hopefully you dont mind, if I ever do use your style, I'll give you credit. ) I'm saying this on an unbaised perspective, because I'm not an unfair voter. Hopefully your future flash movies come out on top!

I feel ya bro, hehe.

Yeea, fuck Brawl Taunts - over-rated piece of crap... although the second one was alright !

Irod bad was pretty funny! I would of put you ahead on Bad baby as well, so respectively you should of finished 5th, I was dissapointed by this and I though I'd give you the heads up on my though. Congrats though on 7th, I suppose it fuels revenge for a belter of a flash in the next couple of months ay !

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